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Every single great advancement is born out of a fascinating work of imagination. We at Amazon Publishing US will take that step forward for you. Storytelling is an important part of human culture. Our goal is to help you with the book writing opportunity to experience the work of the industry's most professional and highly innovative ghostwriters.

Taking your idea to the next level is how our ghostwriters execute it perfectly. We take pride in writing stories that add meaning to words and bring basic concepts to life through refined words.

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To make a great film you need three things -the script, the script, and the script.

-Alfred Hitchcock

Feature Films & Short Films

Making a film or a short film relies on how good the actors are, how well the director operates, and how everything is done with honesty and dedication but at the center of it all is how strong the script is. Our team of prolific screenplay writers create unique and distinct work of art that encapsulates every aspect and emotion of the idea. Every genre is written by specialized writers to give you the best script for your feature film and short film.

Tv Shows

From historical to trendy topics, from comedy to horror, and from drama to action, every TV show needs a good script that keeps the viewer gripped and attentive. That is what our writers are capable of, tailoring every story into episodes that will make everyone binge watch it again and again. A script written with twists and turns and full of emotions that will make the audience begging for more. Our latest additions are scripting reality shows that are garnering applause for our clients throughout the world.

Social Media Platforms

Are you looking to create buzz on the social media platforms with your videos then all you need is a good script to get you that attention. Our team of writers specialize in creating scripts for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube based on research and creativity to give you that winning boost in this competitive market. We create emotional, social, comedic, informative, and even podcast scripting based on your personna and desire.


Do you have the next big idea for a film or social media but cannot do it due to lack of finances? That is when you need Pitch-Deck. Pitch-Deck is a beautiful and concise presentation on your idea to investors in varying formats that cover the summary of the idea, the characters, the target audience, and how the investors will earn through it. Our expert winning pitch-deck creators have landed our clients big investors for their ventures and all because of a compelling Pitch-Deck.


The next step after creating a script and a screenplay on your idea, it is important to have a visual representation of each scene to explain and understand how it would look. That is when you need a storyboard. A storyboard is a sketched representation of each scene that helps the director to direct, actors to visualize, and staff to manage their equipment accordingly. One of the main advantages of having a storyboard is time saving. So if you are looking to perfectly execute your idea don’t hold back on having a storyboard for your script.


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Additional Services

Consult our Writers

Do you have an idea for the next big thing but unsure how to make progress on it? Get connected to our writers for a consultation call and find every possible means to bring your idea to life.

Editing and Effects

Recording a video is not enough anymore, you need smooth editing and captivating effects to make it the best. Our professional video editors will make that magic happen for you.

Voice over Artists

Are you looking for voice-overs in a different language or do you need someone to give voice to your characters? Our voice over artists cover multiple languages and tones to give that authenticity to your work.


Creating a masterpiece that frightens the reader to their very being. Let your Story induce fear in all those who read!


Reinvent the magic of love for your readers with your words! Create a tale of Romance, Love, & Heartbreak.


Make your readers cling to every word of your story! Filled with the moments full of tension, anxiety, and fear.


Joy & Sorrow, Happy & Sad, Love & Hate, Laugh & Cry. Let your story be filled with every emotion.


Explore the realm of Creating Your own world, Your own people, & Your own language. Feel like A God!


Create unrealistic reality to showcase your imagination and technology for the world to Follow!


Create an unexplainable mystery or situation & let your readers solve it as they turn every page!


A genre of fiction that consists of discourses or works intended to be humorous by inducing laughter.


Assess the events of past thorugh the lens of Present! Let every page carry a lesson for the future.

Our Process

We take great pride in our work and ensure that our clients only receive the best work and worth of their time and money. Serving them with complete dedication and commitment. To ensure our quality, we have formulated a process that every creation has to go through.










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